Valtrex: Why Buy The Original

original Valtrex packageIf you suffer from herpes, you may be taking Valtrex or be thinking about talking to your doctor about Valtrex. The original Valtrex and generic Valtrex are designed to combat many different forms of herpes, including oral herpes and genital herpes. This article will briefly explain to you what the original Valtrex and generic Valtrex do, the difference between the original Valtrex and the generic Valtrex , and why you should always purchase the original Valtrex over the generic Valtrex .

What Valtrex Is And How It Works

Valtrex is the brand name for a drug named Valaciclovir. This drug is a pro drug. It is taken orally and once it is inside of your body, it breaks down into the active ingredient, acyclovir. This is an antiviral medicine that is used to treat herpes virus infections. The herpes virus infection causes cold sores, genital herpes, chicken pox, and shingles, and this pill works with all of these. This active ingredient acyclovir actually stops the herpes viruses from infecting more cells in your body through reproduction.

Many people think that Valtrex is only to treat genital herpes. That is not the case. In addition to the above mentioned issues that Valtrex treats, Valtrex is also used in kidney transplant patients. This is because kidney transplant patients have a high probability of contracting cytomegalovirus, a virus that, in healthy people, manifests itself as little more than a cold. However, in people with a suppressed immune system, like after a kidney transplant, the symptoms are more serious. Valtrex helps prevent these people from being affected by the cytomegalovirus.

Differences Between The Original Valtrex And Generic Valtrex Valtrex 500mg pills

If you are short on funds or do not have medical insurance, you may be looking to find a cheaper, easier solution to your herpes problem. You may have tried different products and medicines to no avail. Perhaps now you are looking into the original Valtrex, but the generic Valtrex seems to appeal more to you. However, do not be fooled.

Many generic drugs simply are not on the same level as the brand name drug. A brand name drug is usually the first of its kind, a product of years and years of research and practice. The original Valtrex went through rigorous testing and experimenting before being released to the public. Though it has been on the market for a relatively short time, you can be assured that it was tested for many years before that. However, the generic Valtrex cannot make this same claim. The generic Valtrex will come out shortly after the original did. There is no way that the companies creating the generic Valtrex would have had the time or resources to do as extensive tests as were done on the original Valtrex. The generic Valtrex is not going to be the same thing as the original.

Valtrex blisterIn addition, at this point in time it is impossible to purchase a regulated generic Valtrex. It is not slated for release until the year 2009, at the earliest. Any generic Valtrex that you may find online or through other retailers will not be approved by the Food and Drug Administration until after the year 2009. Be careful of online pharmacies claiming to sell the generic Valtrex. You cannot be sure that the generic drug you are purchasing is not a fake if you chose to not purchase the original Valtrex but the generic Valtrex instead. The only way to know for sure that it is real is to get a prescription and order it through your local pharmacy.

There are many online scams that will try to take your money for a product that they do not have. Instead of putting your money and well being on the line, simply ask your doctor for a prescription for the original Valtrex!




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