Protect Yourself From Sexual Transmitted Diseases STDs

Sex is a natural part of life. Sexual intercourse is how we reproduce but itís also very enjoyable and, for the most part, a necessary part of being a human being. However, sex can also be dangerous. It can be dangerous when you donít protect yourself properly. Not only can unwanted pregnancy result but you can also come down with a sexual transmitted disease. Walk into any free clinic and youíll see a waiting room full of people waiting to be tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, AIDS, genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis, and more. With all of those diseases out there, and so many people having casual sex, and unprotected sex, everyone should be very careful whenever they think about having sex.

colored condoms

Most people think that you can prevent sexual transmitted diseases by using condoms. Thatís just not the case. Condoms will only protect against pregnancy; and even pregnancy isnít avoided a hundred percent of the time. Condoms only cover a portion of the penis. There is still skin on skin contact even if you use condoms. Therefore, you still have a chance of contracting sexual transmitted diseases.

Cures and Treatments

Some sexual transmitted diseases can be completely cured and some canít be cured at all. Syphilis if not cured can cause brain damage and other problems but itís completely curable. Gonorrhea can also be cured but it can cause infertility in women and painful urination in both men and women. HIV and AIDS still have no cure but they can be treated with a very expensive cocktail of drugs. Genital herpes has no cure but it can be treated and suppressed with the right kind of medication. Hepatitis also has no cure but many people live with the disease fairly normally. Of course itís best to not come down with any of these diseases at all but if you do itís important you seek treatment right away. You can see a doctor or you can go to a free clinic.

STDsAnytime you have sex you have a chance of getting a sexual transmitted disease. You can take care by getting tested often and ensuring that your partners get tested often. Use condoms or practice celibacy; as celibacy is the only true way to prevent getting a sexual transmitted disease. Your best bet is to get educated about the various sexual transmitted diseases out there, how theyíre spread, how theyíre treated or cured and what you have to do to prevent them.




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