Preventing Cold Sores

cold soresCold sores are blisters that are generally filled with fluid. These kinds of sores are usually found in or near the mouth area of the individual experiencing cold sores . The sores usually go away after several days but condition can be recurring if not treated because the body's own immune system can not actually get rid of the oral herpes virus. This virus is also known as herpes simplex virus, type 1. This virus is spread through contact with the immediate vicinity of the cold sores or infected saliva from the person. Active sores which may have a blister like appearance can be considered as the most contagious period of the condition. This does not mean however that you can not get the virus from someone without evidence of cold sores .

Once the individual has had oral herpes, it is highly possible to have them again. The factors that may trigger another outbreak of cold sores are a low immune system, stress, injuries or fevers and many others. In many cases, contact with contaminated objects will not lead to an infection of cold sores .

cold sores - ice cubePreventing Getting Cold Sores

The most obvious way of not getting these kinds of sores is to make sure who you come in contact with has none of these. Kissing a person with cold sores can spread the virus as well as coming in contact with the virus through infected saliva. The prevention of these kinds of sores is better than curing it. Avoid direct contact with anyone's mouth area if possible. Do not kiss relatives even in the cheeks if you suspect they have cold sores .

Preventing Cold Sores Outbreaks

If you have had oral herpes before, chances of you experiencing another outbreak is high if you are not careful. Preventing another oral herpes outbreak means you have to be meticulous when treating the current bout of the virus. Use individual cotton buds to apply the cream or medication on the sores. Do not reuse the cotton buds by dipping them again and again in the medication from the cold sores .

lemons and vitaminsOther ways of preventing another oral herpes outbreak is to keep up your immune system and avoid getting too stressed. It may also benefit you to use a disposable toothbrush while you have the virus in order not to keep on circulating the virus. Using zinc on the sores can also help to speed up the healing process of the cold sores . It may also help if you avoid exposing your blisters to harsh elements such as the cold, the sun and the wind.




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