Using Valtrex Can Give You Back Your Life

Living with herpes isnít easy, as anyone with the virus can attest to. Whenever you have an outbreak, you likely want to hide out until the symptoms subside. You donít feel like dating and even the thought of sex or of telling someone that you have the disease is unbearable. However, you can get your life back with Valtrex usage. Valtrex isnít only for genital herpes, but it is treatment for the herpes virus. The herpes virus causes genital herpes but it also causes chicken pox, shingles and cold sores. Talk to your doctor about Valtrex and tell him or her youíre ready to come out of your shell and you want to start living life again. Valtrex usage will repress the herpes outbreaks so that you donít have to suffer through the embarrassment and pain they bring.

Talk to Your Doctorvaltrex usage

To get a prescription for Valtrex, youíre going to have to make an appointment with your doctor. Never try to get Valtrex online or through a back door pharmacy as you never really know what youíre getting. Your doctor will be discreet and will hold your records completely confidential. You owe it to yourself to get your prescription for Valtrex so you can see how much your life will change with Valtrex usage.

Follow The Instructions

Valtrex usage is usually once per day. You should never exceed two treatments in one day, even if youíve missed the day before. As your doctor will explain to you, you should begin Valtrex usage the moment you feel an outbreak coming on. If you wait a day or two, thereís no guarantee the outbreak will be suppressed. Valtrex is easy to take and one pill per day is very easy to maintain. Remember to pay attention to any side effects you may feel as your doctor may have to find an alternative if you react adversely to your Valtrex usage.

You can get your life back. All you have to do is remain consistent with your Valtrex usage. Listen to your doctor and only take the medication as directed. Valtrex will not only suppress your outbreaks but it will also decrease the chances of passing the virus onto someone who doesnít have it. Thatís great news for anyone considering Valtrex usage and itís great news for anyone who suffers from herpes and just wants to regain their life as it was before they contracted the virus.



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