Oral Sex And Herpes Infection - Is No Simple Feat

Not quite the topic any one wishes to chat about, except to the doctor. Yes doc, I do have oral sex and herpes infection at the same time! And you think to yourself had I stuck only to oral sex, and by that way meant talking about it only, you might never have gotten the herpes infection in the first place.

STDLack of knowledge is the problem here. Seriously, and having oral sex and herpes infection at the same time would not be a laughing matter in anyone’s opinion, let alone the person on the receiving side.

To be a participant of oral sex and herpes infection you would need to probably be so high on drugs that you didn’t care who gave you what, as long as you got your rocks off.

The Herpes Infection Alone Could Be One Of Many

Herpes B Simplex is the typical mouth sore, which comes back continually. Maybe you have it reoccurring due to too much oral sex. You should have thought about that. Besides the fact that having oral sex and herpes infection could be unhygienic in the first place, it could actually worsen the problem.

herpes simplexWho in their right minds would want oral sex and herpes infection at the same time so close to each other. Consider if you are that desperate that you just had to have it, or were you so stupid to give oral sex in the first place with it? Surely there are other health hazards attached to that! What if the person had some other contagious STD and it came into contact with your wet and open herpes simplex?

Wouldn’t that be an issue for you? Have scruples or inclination about protection as this might be all that stand between you and a STD. Has your hormones taken over your brain cells, that you could not distinguish that oral sex and herpes infection does not go together?

condom is betterYou should have known these facts that oral sex and herpes infection need some time apart to heal and clear up. You simply cannot go on as if there is nothing wrong with you. To heal herpes you would need to keep the areas infected clean and germ free, and use a ointment at least 3 times a day to treat it, so it can heal faster. The more you keep it moist without the ointment, the longer it would take to heal. Sis man, get health conscious for a change!

Valtrex is the most popular medication to treat herpes infections.



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