Herpes and immunity: How Body Immunity and Herpes are linked

Almost all human beings have been infected with the herpes virus at one point or another. Herpes and immunity are very closely linked. If you may have noticed, fully-grown adults only experience recurrences when they’re also suffering from another illness or when they’re extremely stressed out. Body immunity and herpes work against each other: when your immune system is strong, the herpes virus won’t be reactivated. However, when you’re under any sort of physical or emotional stress, the virus that is already living inside your body takes over. The solution is actually very simple: if you want to dodge painful blisters around your mouth and the lip area, you should toughen up your immune system and try to keep yourself free from any sort of stress. Below are ways for you to do this.

  1. Taking fruit juices on a regular basis. Fruits are known to have antioxidants and they help keep stress levels manageable. If you want to keep yourself free from fever blisters, invest in a juicer and squeeze yourself a glass of orange, banana, or lemon juice every morning. juice for immunityDrinking fruit juices instead of drinks that are high in caffeine help boost your immune system.
  2. Filling your body with enough vitamins and minerals. While fruit juices are great ways for you to dodge the viral infection, they may not be enough. Invest in multi-vitamin and mineral supplements. Talk to your doctor about what your body may need to keep itself healthy and herpes-free.
  3. Anti-herpes herbs also help to keep the herpes virus from infecting your body. These include lemon balm and mint. If you want to get the most out of your money, you should invest in good anti-viral herb supplements. You may also purchase herbal tea infusions that may help to boost your immune system.
  4. Walking and regular exercise. Sometimes, the stress levels in our bodies build up because we spend too much time in front of the computer with zero physical activity. You should try walking or other cardiovascular exercises at least 4 times a week. A 30-minute to an hour’s session can definitely help boost your immune system. Don’t forget to exercise moderately and allow rest periods in between your sessions. Too much exercise can also stress your body out.
  5. Complete sleep hours. Adults need at least 6 hours or uninterrupted sleep in a day, while children should have 8 to 10 hours of sleep to help their bodies develop strong immunity against viral infections. Complete sleep is another key factor in dodging the herpes virus. Without complete sleep, you stress your body.
Live moderately. A lot of things in your life can cause stress or lowered immunity. They include drinking, smoking, losing sleep, working too much, forgetting about exercise, eating junk food, and other bad habits which revolve around one thing: over-indulgence. Just live your life moderately by keeping a healthy diet, balancing your time for work and relaxation, sleeping well, and avoiding elements which may damage your body.  



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