Reasons To Choose Valtrex For Herpes Treatment

It is estimated that a staggering one in five adults in the United States is infected with genital herpes. Therefore if you have the virus you definitely are not alone. About forty-five million American adults have to cope with the pain and aggravation associated with the HSV2 virus. Unfortunately there is no known cure for genital herpes but there is medication available to reduce the number of outbreaks, decrease the pain associated with the sores and make an infected person less likely to spread the infection to their sexual partner. If you want the medication that does all of this you need Valtrex for herpes treatment. valtrex package

About The Drug

Valtrex (valacyclovir hydrochloride) medication comes in the form of small blue oral caplets which are taken orally. Valtrex taken for herpes treatment at the first sign of an outbreak can interrupt the process that the virus uses to multiply and spread to other areas of the body. In other words, it can reduce the severity of the infection, but you must take it at the first sign of the outbreak in order for it to work effectively.

There is also Valtrex daily therapy whereby the infected individual takes a capsule each day. This is clinically proven to reduce the number of outbreaks a person has and also reduces the probability of the virus spreading to a sexual partner if used in conjunction with safe sex. Daily Valtrex for herpes treatment is meant for people who have a serious case of the condition.

Valtrex for herpes treatment can produce some unwanted side effects such as nausea, headaches and constipation. It should never be taken by an individual whose immune system has been compromised or by a person with kidney disease. Nor is Valtrex suitable for women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. More about herpes and pregnancy

Why It Is The Best Medication

Valtrex for herpes treatment is more effective and convenient than any other medication on the market that is used to treat HSV2. For example, Valtrex used to treat occasional outbreaks works just as well as the herpes drug aciclovir but it is more convenient because you take 500 milligrams twice a day as opposed to 200mg five times in twenty-four hours. Valtrex is just as good as aciclovir at suppressing the virus during the very first outbreak. Valtrex for herpes treatment is superior to aciclovir when it comes to reducing the pain associated with an outbreak of the condition. Valtrex is also better than a drug called famciclovir when it comes to the suppression of genital herpes. That is why people with the virus generally choose Valtrex for herpes treatment before any other drug.


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