Valtrex - One 500 mg Tablet a Day Keeps the Genital Herpes Away

Genital Herpes or Herpes Genitalis is an infection of the genitals caused by Herpes Simplex virus. The virus has two strains; genital infections are commonly linked to the HSV-1 strain but recently there has been a rise in symptomatic herpes genitalis infection caused by HSV-2. There is no cure for herpes, a once-daily dosing of Valtrex 500 mg tablet can reduce viral shedding and decrease the risk of transmission by controlling herpetic outbreaks. Thus anti-virals such as Valacyclovir HCl or Valtrex only works to control the spread of the virus but it does not completely eliminate the pathogen. Valtrex 500mg

Genital herpes initially manifests with inflamed papular and veiscular lesions on the genitals after 2 weeks of exposure to the virus. In males, the lesions usually appear on the penile shaft, the glans and may also affect the anus and the buttocks. The mons pubis, labia minor and major, clitoris and buttocks are common sites of the lesions in females. The lesions in herpes genitals are painful and are highly infectious especially during an outbreak when viral shedding is at its peak.

Valtrex 500 mg tablet is a once-daily drug created by the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for Herpes infection. The drug has passed the US FDA standard as the only medication that can be taken conveniently once a day to reduce transmission of the virus to other non-infected persons during sexual intercourse. Clinical studies conducted using Valtrex 500 mg has significantly shown results that it effectively reduces spreading of symptomatic herpes especially among those who used the drug together with safe sexual practices such as using a condom. The use of condoms can prevent transmission but it is still possible to spread the virus even with condom use. Sexual protection with latex condoms can only reduce the risk of getting infected but transmission is even less likely if viral shedding and replication is reduced with the use of the anti-viral medication Valtrex. Taking 500 mg of Valtrex once a day cannot cure herpes genitalis infection but it can reduce the spread of the virus to sexual partners and reduces the appearance of lesions during herpetic eruptions on the genitals.

The use of Valtrex is only recommended for individuals with a healthy immune system. Patients with HIV or AIDS and those who have undergone kidney transplant should not use Valtrex 500 mg tablet without consulting a physician since the drug may have adverse effects in those who are immune-compromised.

Valtrex 500mg pillThe once-daily dosing of Valtrex 500 mg for genital herpes infection encourages good compliance because it's easier to take a drug once a day than having to take it in multiple dosages. Patient response is better and there is no excuse to miss taking the drug. It is the best medication in the market that effectively decreases the rate of herpes outbreak and at the same time reduces the risk of transmitting the infection to other individuals. Genital herpes symptoms are a burden; painful lesions and frequent outbreaks can affect one's general health as well as sexual health. Take Valtrex 500 mg tablet once a day; do not let yourself suffer the outbreaks and keep your partner safe from genital herpes. You have a choice.




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